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Keystroke Spy Monitor

Keystroke Spy Monitor is covert surveillance software which can keep record of every keystroke, such as text input of instant messages along with its username and passwords, text email input, text files modified and so on. Moreover, this hidden keylogger is able to take snapshot of computer screen timely, the captured screen shots with high quality allows you to view clearly what others do with computer. It is really worth mentioning that this keystroke spy monitoring software can send logs to your appointed mailbox automatically. Therefore wherever you are, you are able to look the data just log in your mailbox.    
It likes a great invisible assistant helping you to monitor your own personal computer when you are away in case someone else use you PC and steal some vital data; to supervise and record your other half’s instant message and email when you think he or she is cheating on you; to keep an eye on your kids online behavior just in case of Internet dangers and know what potential trouble areas they are getting off into, then to better guide them.


Skype Voice Recorder

Skype Voice Recorder is software which can secretly monitor and record Skype voice conversations. Skype is the most popular global voice communication software, its users is more than two hundred million. In many cases, we need a program to record the contents of Skype voice chat, and this recording software can meet all your demands. Firstly, it can log and save all sounds of Skype automatically, no matter what contents the monitored person chatted with others, such as about daily life, work, emotional life or something else, all are unable to escape from the fate of being recorded. Secondly, the recorded sounds with high quality could be played with any media players, it is quite easy for you to hear the content clearly. Thirdly, it works in background stealthily, has no icon or short cut, install path is hidden. Besides, certain hotkey( Default hotkey is Ctrl + Alt + R) and password protection make it is more unlikely that others know or access the program.    
Skype Voice Recorder can not only record Skype voice conversation, but also record sounds of other instant messengers, for example, MSN Voice Chat, Yahoo!Messenger Voice chat, ICQ Voice Chat, QQ Voice Chat etc. It is really a great voice recording software.


LAN Spy Monitor

LAN Spy Monitor, local area network monitoring software, best tool for home network monitoring, employee monitoring and computer lab monitoring, it can spy on all computers in LAN.
This LAN monitoring software has many functions as following:
1. Monitor computer screens in real time, you can monitor one computer or all computers at the same time.
2. Record all keystroke down, instant messages, email, files and any other text related with keystroke can be catched.
3. Monitor network traffic, you can set download and upload traffic limits, when someone’s transfer speed is out of limit, it will record it down.
4. Record visited websites and filter some certain sites.
5. Remote management and control, you are able to manage and control other computers in LAN easily just with your own keyboard and mouse, like copy files, rename files, terminate programs which are running in other computer, and forbid them run some programs and so on.
With this excellent LAN Spy Monitor, you can monitor your kids online behavior, and find who steal most of the network traffic at home; managers can standardize employee’s activity during work hours, improve productive efficiency; computer teachers can supervise students well during class. It suits for any kinds of LAN network monitoring.


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