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Best Computer Surveillance Software

Keystroke Spy Monitor, the best computer surveillance software for all Windows systems, which allows users to track and monitor all activities on a target's computer. This tiny program works in stealth mode and has no showing icons or shortcut, this feature makes other person nearly has no door to realize its existence. This surveillance software is green software, has no virus or ad in it, supports install and uninstall, once uninstalled, it can be very clean. What’s more, Keystroke Spy Monitor is able to send recorded data to your appointed mailbox without any physical need, and then makes it possible for you to remote monitor the target computer wherever you are.
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Keystroke Spy Monitor is functional monitoring software, it not only owns the feature s of key logger, but also has the functions of screen recording software. This excellent program could record all keystroke down, like keyboard input of instant messages, email, URL, username, password and so on, all have no way to escape from being recorded. Besides, it is able to take snap shots of the whole screen or only active windows or appointed windows, the speed of catching pictures can be as fast as every second, so the captured pictures can be fairly clear and accurate for you to know the online activities of the monitored computer.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

Purposes of using this best computer surveillance software

1. Business purpose. Many employers are agreeing or even using computer surveillance software to monitor their employees’ computer and Internet usage. In fact, it is really an effective method to improve work efficiency, reduce the waste of resource and keep company confidential information safe. Because Keystroke Spy Monitor can track keystrokes and capture quick screen shots of computer, which allows employers to know what employees do during work hours, if they are not serious, employers can punish them, and the result is all staff will do their job hard.

2. Family purpose. Computer surveillance program like Keystroke Spy Monitor plays an important role which involved confirming, for those who suspect they may have a cheating spouse may search for computer activity for confirmation. And it is also useful to watch what children are doing online, whether they being good behavior when they used computers.

3. Other purpose. Of course, there are other purpose when somebody using computer surveillance software. For instance, to monitor their own personal computer in case other people steal their important data in computer when they are away from PC; to do something illegal for some bad guys and so on.


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