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Best Invisible Keylogger

When talk about invisible keylogger software, many people may have the impress that it is related to illegal, virus, privacy, hack and so on. But in fact, key logger should not be marked on these words; it is an effective and useful tool on many cases if people use it properly. And of course, good and clean key logger software should be chosen as prerequisite. Here comes Keystroke Spy Monitor, the best invisible key logger, green software and can be free download. It is able to stealthily record keystroke, instant messenger chatting, password, screenshot, Face book, internet usage etc.
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Keystroke Spy Monitor is invisible keylogger program, why we say so? First of all, it works in background, has no showing up icon or short cut on desktop, programs menu, taskbar or other place. Secondly, this great keystroke recorder software can hide screenshot and keystroke storage location; other person can’t find its recorded data. Thirdly, it sends log reports to appointed mail box via email in regular time as set, once the logged data send out; it will clear all logs of the local machine. Fourthly, it can auto run on computer start up. All these tell us that Keystroke Spy Monitor runs in totally stealth mode, it’s invisible to other person, and other people have no door to realize its existence. Only install it and forget it, it keeps monitoring for you.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

Best Invisible Keylogger is Used as:

1. Parental control software. It is not safe to leave kid alone with computer, because there are many dangers online, in the meaning time, kid is pure and has an impressionable little minds. It is quite easy for kid to get bad effect on the Internet if without proper guidance. So parents need a good invisible key logger to monitor kid’s online activities, prevent him or her from online dangers.

2. Employee monitoring software. For all employers, make sure the work efficiency of employees, improve company’s profits is their most important goal. However, some lazy and irresponsible employees can be a big obstacle to you. They spend work time on computer games, funny websites, and stock and so on, it is not only a waste of labor recourse, but also waste of computer and other recourse. What’s worse, evil employee might leak confidential company data out in purpose. To ensure the safety and growth of company, employers need Keystroke Spy Monitor to help them monitor employees’ computer behavior.

3. Child monitoring software. When you sink into the trouble of suspecting child of cheating online, an invisible keylogger really can be a good assistant to help you find some evidence.


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