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Catch Dishonest Employees with Computer Spy Software

LAN Spy Monitor is a computer monitoring application which is used to spy computer secretly or publicly, especially for employers using it to monitor employees’ computers activities in local area network. In this network age, computer and network have become an indispensable parts of official business. It is quite common in a company that almost every employee use a computer for his or her job. Computerized office brings us a lot of convenience of course, it is much easier for us to get information and send information. Email, instant messengers and net meeting all give us ways to communicate and deal. But computerized and networked office can adversely affect work and company at the same time. Network provides convenience for some evil employees to do something bad for company, such as do no work related things with computer during work time and leave their jobs aside, even leak confidential information to competing company. These dishonest employees are black sheep; they must be caught out. Then, LAN Spy Monitor is able to play a role.
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Every employer wants to run their companies in an efficient and productive way. But there always exist some bad elements in their company. Systems and structures and processes are great, but they depend on humans. And sometimes those humans are lazy, dishonest, slackers, fraudulent, etc. If you don’t fire a bad employee, you are only encouraging him to keep being that way and soon the good employees won’t see a reason not to emulate him. Once you fire a bad employee, all others will immediately clean up their act. LAN Spy Monitor, your best choice.

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How Can LAN Spy Monitor Catch Dishonest Employees

You may be doubtful about this computer spy software: Is it really able to catch dishonest employees with this tinny program? Yes, I can answer you decidedly. The following functions make this software has the ability to monitor along with catch dishonest employees.

1. Record all keystrokes of employees. Email, instant messengers and other online chat tool are the most common ways to communicate with other people; dishonest employees are more likely send important information out. With this software recording all keystroke, managers are able to know who the evil man is. Besides, company documents that edited or modified also can be logged.

2. Remote control. Employer can terminate programs which are running on employee’s computer, send message or command to employee's computer remotely. What’s more, managers are able to control employee's computer with their own keyboard and mouse.

3. Remote file management and transfer. Employer can manage other computers in LAN easily like upload, download, rename, delete etc. and prevent confidential files be stolen by evil employees.

4. Monitor and capture employee’s computer screen in real time as a surveillance camera. Manager can monitor what employees are doing just with his own computer clearly in real time. Handle their activities firmly.



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