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Employee Activity Monitoring Software

With the tendency of improving productivity, managers and employers have paid much more attention to their employees’ work efficiency. Therefore, employee activity monitoring software and local area network monitoring software are becoming more and more popular in these days. Among so many kinds of software, LAN Spy Monitor is top LAN monitoring software for employee activity monitoring and manages. It is a powerful monitoring program for companies in all sizes. No matter how many employees and computers are there in company, it is able to monitor all of them only if in the same LAN.
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LAN Spy Monitor, this great employee monitoring software could record and track computer activities such as instant messenger conversation, screenshot, Website visited. You can find every detail about your employees' PC and Internet usage on server computer, and prevents them from doing something that is not allowed as well. It is a guard of high productivity and internet security. With this excellent employee monitoring software, you can view and record your employees' PC activities such as their online conversation, the documents they processed, the websites they visited, the software they ran, the emails they sent, the business information in their computer and even the screenshots of their online activities. It’s a kind of friendly network management software designed for LAN environment. It adopts client-server mode with one server monitoring all client computers, easy to use for beginners. Having a powerful and useful employee activity monitoring software can help employers improve productivity of your employees prevent confidential and proprietary information from being revealed, and reduce effectively resource waste of your computer.

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Detailed function about this employee activity monitoring software

1. Log keystroke. All activities are bound with keyboard, such as text input of all kind of instant messenger conversation along with their log name and log passwords; email that send; documents that processed and others cannot escape from the fate of being recorded down.
2. Monitor screen. It can monitor all computers by matrix screen at the same time, or monitor some specified computer. It just like an invisible video recorder keeping shooting let you know quite clearly what your employees are doing with computer.
3. Monitor network traffic. It can monitor download and upload transferring speed of your employees’ computer in real time. It will record it automatically when the transfer rate outs of limits.
4. Log website visited history. You can control what sites your employees went into, whether they went to some recreation and no work related sites.
5. Filter website. There are so many recreations and game websites online, employees may concentrate on games, films and other things instead of work. It can be a big waste of recourses and time. If you want to prevent them browse no work related sites, just set to filter website.
6. Remote control. You can terminate the program which is running on the employee's computer, send message or command to employee's computer remotely, or forbid them using USB storage device.
7. Remote file management and transfer. Just like LAN Employee Monitoring Software, You can manage documents in other computers in LAN easily like upload, download, rename, delete etc.



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