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Keyboard Recorder Software That Spy Keyboard Activity

Every computer has a keyboard, no matter desktop computer, note computer or minicomputer, all cannot work well without keyboard. Keyboard activity and mouse activity are the main activities of computer, of them two, keyboard activity is more popular. If you want to monitor someone’s computer activities, it is OK just to get to know someone's keyboard activity, for the wide application of keyboard. To spy keyboard activity you must need good keyboard recorder software to help you, then, Keystroke Spy Monitor is stealth key logger that you are looking for.
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Keystroke Spy Monitor, excellent invisible keyboard recording program which can log all keystrokes input secretly. It works in totally hidden mode, has no icon, shortcut or other items; and the recorded keystrokes are stored in hidden place too. This great key logger is a loyal and dutiful catcher; every keystroke cannot escape from the fate of being captured. It is able to record all username and passwords typed with program window caption; monitor and record all latest version Windows Live Messenger / Skype / MSN Messenger/ ICQ/ AOL Messenger/ AIM/ QQ / Yahoo! Messenger's conversations. It also records the username and passwords used to login in a messenger. Let you know exactly what it was typed, when and where it was typed, who he/ she talked to; Record all the text content of email send; Record document file content edited or modified and other input with keyboard. To make a long story short, this undetectable keyboard recorder software can record all keystroke which relate with keyboard.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

Advantages of this keyboard recorder software

Capture screen shots. This keyboard recorder software is key logger, but it also has the function of capturing screen shot. It can auto take pictures of computer screen in real time. You can set it to capture the whole screen or specified applications windows. It could be as fast as every second, so the caught pictures can be quite coherent and clear, let you know what the monitored person did with computer. It won’t take screenshots when keyboard and mouse are idle for X seconds, this function can helps you avoid taking useless and repeating screen shots.

Send recorded data via email. This great program can log and save keystroke and screen shot automatically; what is more, it can send log reports to your specified mail box automatically at set interval as well, and the logs can be auto cleaned after sending to mailbox. You can monitor other person remotely without any physically need, no matter where you are, you are allowed to keep an eye on other person’s computer activities.

Excellent quality and fine price. Keystroke Spy Monitor can not only log keystroke, but also capture screen shot; in addition, it is able to auto send log reports. It is functional software, and it only costs you 37.95 dollars, you must say it’s cheap and fine.

Easy to use. This key logger is a user-friendly graphical interface program that makes it easy for beginners. And it is able to peaceful co-existence with anti-virus software.


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