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Keyboard Type Recorder Software

Keystroke Spy Monitor, stealth keyboard type recorder software that can monitor all activity on your computer in absolute hidden mode, it is completely invisible in any Windows application, task manager, systems tray, uninstall list or even startup list. It is able to not only log every keyboard typing input, but also capture snap shots of computer screen, furthermore, it has the function of delivering recoded log to appointed mailbox via email. This great program can protect your children from the dangers of the network world, help you to manage your office effectively and assist you to catch a cheating spouse. All in all, Keystroke Spy Monitor is powerful computer monitoring software.
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Detailed Information about Keystroke Spy Monitor

1. Keyboard recording. Keystroke Spy Monitor could record all keystrokes typed, letting you know what was typed (passwords, logins, addresses, names), in which applications, and who typed it. It helps you capture Windows logon password and all other typed passwords as well. Besides, it can also record text copied to the Clipboard clearly.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

2. Applications activity recording. Keystroke Spy Monitor could takes screenshots of the Desktop and applications running regularly, like an automatic surveillance camera that is invisible to anyone. It can take snapshots as frequently as every second, thus the captured pictures are detailed that makes computer activities quite easy and clear to know.

3. Email delivering. This powerful keyboard type recorder software is able to send log reports to appointed mailbox automatically and timely, this function makes remote monitoring possible, just login your email account, you could control the monitored computer activities wherever you are.

4. Totally undetectable. Keystroke Spy Monitor is absolutely hidden to other users of the monitored computer. They won't find it among running processes, in the list of installed applications, in the history of used programs, in the Start Menu, or anywhere else. What is more, it can peaceful exist with anti-virus and anti-spyware applications.

5. Easy to use. This keyboard type recorder has simple and plain interface, and detailed usage instruction, just follow its steps. Install it in your target computer personally, and then it begins to work.

6. Applied for Windows OS computer. No other operate systems but only windows OS, including Windows 7, XP, Vista and so on.


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