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Keystroke Spy Monitor

Keystroke Spy Monitor is excellent keylogger which can not only log keystrokes typed with keyboard, but also take snapshots of whole screen or only active windows. It is designed to be a stealth and secure monitoring program, does not appear in the Windows task manager, or reveal itself on desktop or programs menu. What is more, it can send keystroke and screenshot log reports to your specified mailbox without any body touch. It is really a great tool to help you monitor your own personal computer when you are away, or to spy on your family member’s computer to protect them from some network dangers or threats.
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Main functions of Keystroke Spy Monitoring Software

Log all keystrokes:
1. Log any messages sent with any chat messenger or email account.
2. Log all website addresses and online searches typed in.
3. Log all website and application passwords users type.
4. Log contents of documents that users type and edit. 5. Log keystrokes typed in any application.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

Capture screenshots
Keystroke Spy Monitor can capture pictures of screen at your set time interval, if you want to view other’s online activities more clearly, you can set it to take snapshots every second. When you only want this hidden program to monitor and capture some certain programs, such as instant messengers, Facebook, Twitter, email, so it will be. And if keyboard and mouse are idle for X second( the time interval is up to you), it will not take screenshot, which can avoid capturing useless pictures and save storage space. This keystroke monitoring software gives you visual proof of user activities with its automatic screenshot playback, allows you to see everything users did, and when they did.

Send log reports via email
This keystroke monitoring software allows you to keep an eye on your computer from a remote location by sending email activity logs of all keystrokes typed, along with screenshots of the user’s desktop, at set time intervals. Without any body touch you can know what happened to the monitored computer no matter where you are.

Run in stealth and invisible mode
This Keystroke Spy Software runs in totally hidden mode, that is to say, it is undetectable to users. It does not show up in the task manager under Windows, or reveal itself on desktop or programs menu. You can set it to clear all logs of the local machine after sending email.

Easy to use
This keylogger software is a user-friendly graphical interface program, with intuitive labeled buttons and icons, makes it easy for beginners. And it requires minimal configuration to get started, you only need to specify your access password, and you are ready to monitor. Hereafter, it can auto start as soon as computer runs.

Keystroke Spy Monitor can act as a detective, helps you to find a thief who pretends to steal your important information and catch a dishonest spouse. It can be used as parental control software, supervise your kids’ online behaviors, and guide them to use computer properly and safely. More than these purposes , it can be used in other spaces too. This stealth keystroke spy monitoring software is really can be your best choice.

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