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How to Monitor Children's Internet Use

Keystroke Spy Monitor is invisible parental control software for monitoring children's Internet use, keeping an eye on children's online activities and watching for signs of addiction. This great hidden program can take snap shots of whole computer screen or only active windows in real time (in fact, it can be as frequently as every second), therefore, parents are able to learn clearly what their kids did with computer, such as what websites they visited, what games they played and how long they spent on game, who they chatted with and what they chatted etc. . Besides, it can log every keystrokes and send log reports to appointed mailbox automatically without any physical need.
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Why parents need to monitor children's Internet use? The Internet has been called a big city with no police. There are great deals of Internet dangers online: violence-oriented Web sites make children get hooked on destructive games like Doom and become addicted to fight with knife or even gun; pornography and adult web sites may make teenagers indulge in unhealthy sex, and kids can easily tumble into pornography and adult chat rooms, where pedophiles often search for unsuspecting youngsters to entice. Even children do less harmful activities online can be addicted to using the Internet, which may lead they decline in grades, resist parents, with dark triad traits and so on. All these and studies show that parents need to monitor children's Internet activity and watch for signs of addictions. And Keystroke Spy Monitor is a good tool to monitor children's Internet usage.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

How to monitor children's Internet use with Keystroke Spy Monitor

Our software suit for Windows system, both 32 bites and 64 bites of windows XP, Windows 7, 8, Windows Vista or windows 98, 2000. Make sure your computer is Windows OS before you install it. The first step is to buy our software (or you can free download our trail version and use it before you buy it), and install it on your target computer personally. The next step is to activate and set it. Once you activate Keystroke Spy Monitor with registration code you are able to set it, like take screen shot, log keystroke, run on Windows startup, send email or not, hide storage location or not, screenshot interval, only capture active window, active windows process filtering, send log reports to which mailbox and how long is the internal, whether to clear all logs of the local machine after sending email etc. After setup data, you have done the most of things, because all the other things can be done without you. The last step is to check and view the recorded data, thus to monitor your kids' Internet use.


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