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How to Monitor Employee Computers

Employee is an important part of a company, the behavior of employees plays a great role in company's development. If employees are hardworking and diligent during work hours, work efficiency must be high and as a result, company's development is getting better; and vice versa. One of my friends is boss of a company, he told me that he suspected some of his employees do not give their best performance and access confidential company data and treat it without care. What he could do to monitor their activity on their PC or laptop without their knowledge. I recommended him LAN Spy Monitor, and it has made remarkable achievement.
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LAN Spy Monitor is a great tool to monitor employees' computers, only if company or office is in the same local area network, all computers can be monitored, no matter how many computer are there. This monitoring program has two parts, one for manager and the other one for employees, install sever part in employer's computer and install agent part in employees' computers, and then input employer's IP address to all agent software correspondingly. After these, employers are able to start monitoring all staff's computer activities clearly just stay in their office.

LAN Spy Monitor

How to monitor employee computers with LAN Spy Monitor

Once installed LAN Spy Monitor in both sides, employer could monitor employee computers. What can this employee computer monitoring software do?

1. Log keystrokes of email, instant message, documents and so on, which allows managers to know whether confidential files are leaked via Internet by employees or not, and if who really does, it saves evidence.

2. Monitor computer screen all the time. Managers can monitor all employees' computers in matrix screen or show up some certain employees' computers who have signs performing badly. With this function, all employees' behaviors are under employer's control, such as what programs they are running, what websites they are visiting etc.

3. Monitor network traffic, when someone's transfer speed is out of specified download and upload traffic limits, it can record it down detailed with time.

4. Remote computer management and control, employers are able to manage other computers in LAN with their own keyboard and mouse in their office, like copy files, rename files, terminate programs which are running in other computer, and forbid them run some programs and so on.

5. Record visited websites and filter sites. LAN Spy Monitor can log what websites visited, and restrict employees visiting websites that are not work related.



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