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Monitor Internet Usage on LAN

LAN Spy Monitor is excellent all-in-one Internet usage monitoring software, it can trace all computer internet activities on your LAN, for instance, Instant Messaging (ICQ, Skype, Yahoo Chat, Live Chat Messenger and more), Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many other online social networks together with emails, website browse etc. Besides, it allows you to manage and control other computer on LAN just with your own computer, such as you can remote manage and transfer file, terminate the program which is running on other person’s computer, send message or command to their computer remotely, or forbid them using USB storage device.
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Who Need LAN Spy Monitor

1. Company managers. As managers, you need be responsible for your company and staff. It is simple and easy to enforce rules and regulations regarding how staff use company resources and how they use the internet in the workplace. LAN Spy Monitor allows employers and responsible managers to access and monitor every email in and out of the company, every Instant Message. It can also log all websites that employees visited, forbid them exploring some designated sites. What’s more, it can monitor and record download and upload transferring speed of your employees’ computer in real time. It is the best software to solve the problem of how to monitor internet usage on LAN.

2. Parents who have young kids. As a parent, you are always concerned for the safety of your children online. Children can and will get themselves in trouble, especially if parents are unable to protect them when a threat or danger comes close and you cannot be with them all of the time. This great program gives you peace of mind by allowing you to review your children’s e-mails and chat messages – you can even do Facebook conversations monitoring. It also lets you monitor websites they visit to prevent any unpleasant surprises. In addition, it allows you to restrict what websites your kid can visit or cannot.

LAN Spy Monitor

Why You Should Choose This Internet Usage Monitoring Software

LAN Spy Monitor provides an easy, convenient and powerful way for you to keep an eye on what is happening in your business or home. It has some advantages when comparing with other Internet usage monitoring software.
1. Easy to use. This application has two parts, Agent part ( for employee or children) and Server part( for manager or parent). Just install both parts to each computer as the instruction that it provides, then that’s all. It requires no specialist skills.
2. Simplified monitoring of the LAN from a single computer. You are able to monitor and control computers on LAN easily just with your own computer.
3. Improve company network security and employee productivity
Monitoring Internet usage helps to reduce the risk of breaches in your corporate network. It also helps you comply with government regulations regarding information protection. Simply knowing that their internet activity is being monitored will reduce the amount of time employees spend on unproductive, non-work related activities.
4. Guide kids surfing the Internet healthy and safe. Parents monitor their children’s Internet usage can help their guide kids to use computer properly.


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