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How to Monitor Yahoo! Instant Messages

Yahoo! Messenger is one of most popular instant messengers in these days; it provides an easy and fast way for people to communicate with others. There are always two sides to everything, Yahoo! Messenger and other network communication tools enrich as well as facilitate our life and work, but it brings us some trouble at the same time. Because of the convenient and widespread of Yahoo! Messenger, some evil people use it to do bad things, for example, employee leak company important information via Yahoo! Messenger, illegal men spread bad and harmful information via it. As a manager, you might distrust one employee who likely does something harm to company; as a parent, you might worry your teenager kid makes friends with bad person, and get bad information as the absence of effective ways to maintain massive information in Internet. Or as a married person, you suspect your better half of cheating online. All these cases can get a better solution if you have good Yahoo! Messenger monitoring software to spy on Yahoo! instant messages. Both Keystroke Spy Monitor and Skype Voice Recorder is great stealth computer monitoring software for Yahoo! Messenger, one specializes in text chat, and the other one specializes in voice chat.
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Monitor Yahoo! Instant Messages with Keystroke Spy Monitor

Keystroke Spy Monitor is invisible computer program which was designed to log all keystroke input and capture screen shots in real time. This hidden spy software can log all text input of Yahoo! Messenger which includes username, password and chat contents along with the time and chatting person’s name. If you think this keylogger is useless because it cannot log Yahoo! text chat incoming, you are wrong; for it is able to take pictures of screen, especially capture clear pictures of Yahoo! conversation windows. It can take snapshots as frequently as every second, so all chat conversation can be recorded clearly. You are allowed to know who the monitored person chatted with, when and what they chatted. What is more, this wonderful invisible monitoring software can send all recorded data to your specified mail box automatically without anybody touch. That is to say, you are able to remotely monitor Yahoo! text instant messages no matter where you are.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

Monitor Yahoo! Instant Messages with Skype Voice Recorder

Voice chat enjoys more popularity due to its vivid and direct voice express, quickly real-time two-way voice conversation instead of tapping your way through short text messages, so many people like to use voice chat messengers to chat with other. Skype Voice Recorder is stealth computer monitoring software for monitoring Yahoo! voice chat conversation. It is able to record all Yahoo! audio chat contents both incoming and outgoing without interruption. This audio recorder can auto distinguish your computer sound card and then adjust the best possible performance, so the recorded voice has high quality, and can be played with any kind of players. With these two great Yahoo! instant messages monitoring software, you are able to what your kids chatted with others online, keep them safe online; you can catch a dishonest employee or spouse easily.

Skype Voice Recorder

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