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Safe and Reliable Keylogger Software

It is a commonplace phenomenon for parents or guardians to worry the safety of teenagers on the Internet. Because teenagers are curious and adventurous about everything, they may think they can trust somebody who can give them fresh and risky ideas. And because there are many internet dangers, somebody bad online might lead kids down a questionable path. If you are very much conscious about the activities of your kid while he/she is online or on what type of sites he/she frequently visit… then the key loggers can be a perfect solution. But still a lot of us are not well aware what a keylogger is and by far is there any safe and reliable key logger. Key logger is small application used to record the keyboard activity and silently saving them to a file in a location provided. But in fact, many kinds of key logger online are not safe or reliable at all. Well, Keystroke Spy Monitor is the top key logger software which is extremely safe and safe.
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Keystroke Spy Monitor, this great safe and reliable keylogger software has the function of wonderful keystroke logging, it can record everything that typed with keyboard: log any messages sent with any chat messenger or email account; log all website addresses and online searches typed in; log all website and application passwords user type; log documents that user type and edit; log keystrokes typed in any application. Besides, it has the function of recording computer screen, it could capture screen shots of computer at your set time interval, and you can set it to take snapshots every second to view more clearly. When you only want this hidden program to monitor and capture some certain programs, such as instant messengers, Face book, Twitter, email, or Internet Explorer, so it will be only if you set it. What more, this stealth program is able to send all capture keystroke and picture data to your specified mailbox timely and automatically. As a result, no matter where you are, you are allowed to monitor and get to know what monitored person did with computer without any physical touch.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

Why Keystroke Spy Monitor is safe and reliable keylogger software

1. Green software, installation and unloading 100 percent no residue. It is absolutely clean software, has no ad, malicious virus or any other payment.

2. Occupy tiny memory space of computer, and it requires minimal configuration to get started, has near no impact on computer.

3. Works in totally secret mode. It runs in background, has no icons or shortcuts. Install path is hidden too, and it can clear all logs of the local machine after sending email. It’s near to no door for other people discovering its existence.

4. User-friendly graphical interface, with intuitive labeled buttons and icons, makes it easy for beginners.

5. Unlimited usage. Once you buy full version and install it in computer, you can use it as long as you want, has no limitation.


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