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Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Looking for computer screen recording tool to capture pc screen stealthily for Windows system? Yes, you are in the right place. Keystroke Spy Monitor is hidden monitoring software which you are searching for. It is a powerful, full-featured screen capture tool for Windows platform. This wonderful program allows you to take screen shots from any part of your screen, you are able to record full desktop, active window, selected area and selected object, and save images in JPG format. Then, it could send the recorded screenshots to your appointed mail box automatically, and can also clean all logs of local machine after sending email. Therefore, other person will not realize let alone find this software in their computer, because it runs in background, has no icons or windows, with hidden storage location and clean logs function.
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Keystroke Spy Monitor is easy to use and user friendly with graphical interface. The recorded screen shots in JPG format with high quality makes it very easy and clear to view. If you need save the images as png/bmp/gif image format, just input one png/ bmp/ gif file name, such as“1.png”, “1.bmp” or “1.gif”. In addition, this small software don’t include any ads, adware, spyware, or any other malware, it can peaceful co-existence with anti virus software. It is wildly used to monitor what your family members or employees do online whose PC is Windows system.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

Main Features of This Best Windows Screen Recording Software

1. Capture active windows, it can just take snapshots of focused windows on desktop.
2. Capture full windows, full desktop. This best windows can catch picture of the whole desktop, and you could view all computer activities at a glance.
3. Capture specified application screen shots. It has the capability of filtering active window process, it will only take screen shot when the specified applications are active.
4. Save pictures in JPG format, it can be easy changed its format into PNG, BMP or GIF and so on. The catched pictures has high quality, and can be made a slide show.
5. Don’t take screenshots when keyboard and mouse are idle for X seconds, this function can helps you avoid taking useless and repeating screen shots.
6. Run on Windows start up. This stealth recording program can auto start as soon as computer run without your help, and then capture snap shots in real time.
7. Log keystroke input. It also records keystrokes, including instant text messages input, email send, log name and password input, along with other text input with keyboard.
8. Works in absolutory hidden mode. This invisible monitoring application doesn't show any window at runtime, no trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, and no icons, shortcuts or other items. The screenshots and keystrokes logged are saved in hidden place, and the logs can be auto cleaned after sending to mailbox.
9. Send recoded data to specified mailbox without any physical touch.
10. Support operating system: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32 bits and 64 bits).

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