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Skype Call Recording Software

Skype is a proprietary voice over IP service and software application, it allows its registered users to communicate through both instant messaging and voice chat. More and more people are using Skype to call others because of its cheapness and efficient, especially when it comes down to international calls; it cost quite a little comparing with traditional telephone communication. Sometimes Skype users will want to record their call sessions, or they need to monitor and record other’s call conversation. What is the best method to record Skype call? There might be a lot of options and answers, while among the easiest is to rely on an audio recording application built especially for recording Skype call; that is Skype Voice Recorder.
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Skype Voice Call Recorder Software owns several features as following

Firstly, when you use it as parental control software to monitor your kid’s Skype call content or stealth monitoring software to find a cheating spouse, it can works in totally hidden mode, invisible in any Windows application, task manager, systems tray, uninstall list or startup list, along with a hidden storage path. What’s more, it requires certain hotkey and password to bring out the interface and access it. Further ensure its confidentiality and security.

Skype Voice Recorder

Secondly, this Skype call recording software is a simple, intuitive and uncluttered program that is easy for beginners, just install it in the target computer with Windows operate system, and then set some options, it will auto record when Skype activate.

Thirdly, Skype Voice Recorder can optionally record each side of the call, both Skype call in and out, sound from microphone and earphone.

Fourthly, it is able to optionally record direct to WAV for best possible quality on the fly without interruption. The recorded sound in WAV format could be replayed with any player.

Fifthly, it has the function of auto start, when computer starts up, it will follow. And as soon as Skype runs, it begins recording conversations.

Sixthly, Skype Voice Recorder can be free downloaded with no time limit, but it has some use limit. If you use it well with computer, then you could buy its full version only with 39.95 dollars, and can use it without any limitation.



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