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Skype Voice Recorder

Skype Voice Recorder, specific software to monitor and record Skype voice conversations secretly. Skype is the most popular global voice communication software, its users is more than two hundred million. When you urgently want software to log your own or someone’s Skype online call contents, Skype Voice Recorder must be your first and best choice. It can record all Skype voice chats, like Skype to Skype, Skype in, Skype out, conference calls etc. Recorded voice with high quality can be saved automatically. It works stealthily, with certain hotkey and password protection, make it more unlikely for other person finding it. Besides, this invisible recorder has intuitive easy to use interface and automatic recording capability, make you to spy Skype voice more easily.
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Main characteristics of Skype Voice Recorder

1. Record Skype voice chat contents. No matter audio chat Skype to Skype, Skype in, Skype out, or conference calls all can be recorded down clearly.

2. Record continually without interruption. Skype Voice Recorder is able to record audio chat nonstop from Skype starts to it terminates all the time. This intelligent recorder can auto distinguish your computer sound card and then adjust the best possible performance.

Skype Voice Recorder

3. Optimized for voice, high quality recording sounds. Recorded sounds with high quality will save automatically in WAV file formate and can be replayed in any audio players.

4. Hidden mode at runtime. It runs in the background, installation path, tray icon and recording history are all covert, no trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, no icons, and no shortcuts, it is nearly impossible for other people to realize that there is a monitoring software in computer.

5. Certain hotkey and password protection. The user needs hotkey( Default hotkey is Ctrl + Alt + R) and password to activate and access the spy program, makes further efforts for security and concealment.

6. Intuitive easy to use interface and and automatic recording capability, allow users to use this program more easily.

7. Record other sounds in computer. Streaming audio from Internet, music played by all kinds of players, sound from microphone, earphone etc all can be logged down.

8. Record sounds near computer. It could work as an audio monitor, catch sounds near computer such as sound from TV, radio, CD player, telephone and cell phone.

Why we need Skype Voice Recorder? There are quite many answers to this question. When the people your love and you are far apart, you can only communicate with them by Skype call or other communication devices to reduce the pain of thoughts, you may want to record your voice conversations down for later comfort. When your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is often chat with opposite sex friends, you think he or she might is cheating on you, you want to find the truth for further action. When your young child’s is a litter bit strange recently, he takes frequently Skype call in his room secretly and has degraded his school records, you worry him might get into some trouble, you want to know the reason and thus act appropriately to the situation. All these issues tell us that Skype Voice Recorder is needed.


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