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Software for Monitoring Employees' Internet Use

If you are looking for a great tool to monitor your employees' Internet use, then you are in the right place, because LAN Spy Monitor is just excellent software for monitoring employees' Internet use. This wonderful monitoring software is suit for all Windows system computers. Once installed, it can track and record your staff's computer and Internet usage automatically and timely. What websites your employees visit, what emails that they write and send, what instant message they send and receive, how many network traffic they use and so on, all can be record down clearly along with their time. As a manager, you are able to manage your employees easily.
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Reasons for monitoring employees' Internet use

Many companies are using or are about to use employee monitoring software to monitor their staff's computer and Internet use. Why this happen? For company, the root cause is to maintain the interests of company. There are a large number of entertainments and communication tool on the Internet, employees have chance to do non work related things online, for some lazy employees, they may put their work aside and play games or watch movies instead secretly during work hours. And for some rogue employees, instant messengers and email provide them a good way to leak business information out. Both activities can do harm for company, so it is necessary to monitor and manage employees Internet use with LAN Spy Monitor.  

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Benefits of monitoring employee's Internet usage

With LAN Spy Monitor to monitor all staff's computer screen in real time and record all keystroke and website visit. It can benefit companies a lot.
1. Reduce the waste of human and computer resource. Without enough management for all employees and computers, it can be a matter of frequent occurrence that employees use computer to play computer games, chat online, visit websites or do other things that have nothing to do with job. These are really a big waste of human and computer resource. While, with employee monitoring program to monitor their every behavior online can make them regularize their behavior, pay attention on job.
2. Improve production efficiency. Once the human and computer resource reduced, employees concentrate on their work, it is an inevitable outcome that work and production efficiency improved, and company becomes more powerful.
3. Cut down the possibility of information leaking. For LAN Spy Monitor can record all activities and prevent they running some programs and using USB device, it can be an effective way to prevent secret and important business information from being leaked by rogue employees.



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