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Software to Monitor Employee Computer Activity

Everything your employee does on company work time and on company resources matters a lot. Time spent on entertainment websites can seriously hamper productivity, and visiting objectionable sites on company computers can subject your business to serious legal risks. As boss or manager of a company, do you know what your employees are doing on the website? They're probably doing something for fun, like watching YouTube videos. At worst, they could be steering your company toward financial ruin. Isn’t it necessary for you to keep an eye on employee internet use and monitor everything else they do with their computers in company?
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It said that more than 70 percent companies in United States monitor employee computer activity and Internet usage. It is obvious that use software to monitor employee computer activity would be a good option. One of the most popular and widespread use software that specialized for employee monitoring is LAN Spy Monitor. LAN Spy Monitor is powerful and all-round functional software, it has the following functions.

LAN Spy Monitor

1. Log website visited history. Detailed website browser history along with time, which allows you to know clearly whether your employees visited frivolous sites during work hours or not.
2. Filter websites. If your employees do always browser frivolous sites at work time, after warning, you could just set options to forbid them visiting some websites that may subject your business to serious legal risks, or only allow them to visit some certain sites that related with company business.
3. Real time monitoring employee’s computer screen. You can monitor one employee’s screen who with suspicion of doing things bad for company, or set all employees’ computer screens in array, thus you can easily seize the result that what they are doing with computer.
4. It assists you to check or terminate programs that are running in employee’s computer. When you find someone is playing online games, watching video, or chatting freely with friends during company time, you can just use your own mouse and keyboard end them easily.
5. Record keyboard input. LAN Spy Monitor can also record instant messages, email, clipboard and other text input with keyboard clear and detailed.



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