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Software to Monitor Home Network

You have a big family, with several teenagers, kids and the aged, your family owns some computers to catch up with the Network society and fit the needs of every member. These desktops and laptops networked in your home would be troublesome for you if without proper monitoring and management. Because the Internet covers and contains everything, both good and evil, your adults are impossibly be always behind them when your kids use computers and surf the Internet. In the meantime, kids are not self-control enough, they are interested in everything. Thus, it is quite likely causing some problems.
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What potential problems there will be without software to monitor home network? First of all, network traffic can be a big issue. If your home network traffic has a limit, when total traffic is out of limit need extra payment. Kids like playing online games, watching video on YouTube, browsing Facebook, twitter and other sites, chatting via instant messengers etc, these online activities could spend a lot of traffic. However, not having software to monitor traffic, you have no way to know whether your home network traffic is beyond limit, which computer possess the most of traffic that made other PCs run quite slow. Then, as what I have said, the Internet covers and contains everything, it just like a big city has no police. If we parents do not keep eyes on kids' online behaviors, it will be quite likely that they indulge in computer and network, and getting into troubles. Next, the old people are easily cheated by advertisement or others on the Internet, if your old parents love surfing the Internet, there is a big potential threat that they leak some important privacy information out. All these potential problems can be solved with LAN Spy Monitor.

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LAN Spy Monitor is wonderful monitoring software for home network. Firstly, the function of monitoring and recording network traffic allows you to know how much traffic your home has used and who occupies the more traffic detailed. Secondly, logging keystrokes, listing websites visited history and monitoring computer screen make parents know clearly what kids have done and what they are doing online no matter you are at home or out. Thirdly, filtering websites and remote control could prevents the aged be cheated by others online.



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