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Software to Record Skype Call Secretly

Skype Voice Recorder is software which can record every Skype calls on computer secretly and automatically. Nowadays, a great large number of people are using Skype. That comes as no surprise, because Skype made a revolution in telephony. It has enabled faster and cheaper phone calls compared to conventional telephony providers. But it is hard to find a good tool to record your Skype call conversation, or to monitor someone other’s Skype call content stealthily. Here comes Skype Voice Recorder. This small yet incredibly powerful application runs in background mode, silently waiting for you to start talking via Skype. As soon as your conversation begins, Skype Recorder starts recording your call, saving it into WAV format, which you can play back later. It’s really handy and useful.
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Skype Voice Recorder is able to record all Skype calls no matter Skype in or Skype out, both can be recorded down clearly. It can record audio chat nonstop from Skype starts to it terminates all the time. It is so intelligent that can auto distinguish your computer sound card and then adjust the best possible performance. The recorded sounds with high quality will save automatically in WAV file format and can be replayed in any audio players. This voice conversation recorder software is totally undetectable if you don’t tell other its existence. It works in background, has no icon, shortcut or other show item, and certain hotkey and password protection make it more security. Intuitive easy to use interface and automatic recording capability, allow users to use this program more easily. After, it is very cheap, only cost you 39.95 dollars, and you can use it limitless. It applies to Window XP, Vista, 7 and 8, both 32 bits and 64 bits.

Skype Voice Recorder

Why need software to record Skype call secretly

1. Record your own Skype call down. For some people, recording their call conversation is a habit; find a good program to log Skype chat is necessary. And for some other people who apart from their family and friends, the way to communicate with their loves is via Skype or other communication tools. It can be a comfort to rehear chat content after a Skype call. This can be a good reason for needing software to record Skype call.
2. For parental control. We all cherish our children’s future for we are mortal. However, teenagers’ curious and adventurous make them unsafe in this network age. Parents can worry their kids’ safety and health online especially their behaviors are strange comparing with before. It is urgent for parents to have software to record kids’ Skype call secretly when kids pay more attention on computer and Skype call covertly.
3. Catch dishonest spouse or friends. When your spouse or friend spends his or her time online when you are not around, or sleeping, and likes hanging out in chat rooms and have Skype call. When you enter the room, he or she will stop chat or directly hang up. You must have a reason to suspect him or her. You need a hidden tool to help you to find what your spouse chat, and who he or she chat with.


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