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Software to Track Internet Usage

LAN Spy Monitor is top software to track computer Internet usage in LAN. If you need to monitor home PC, please use Keystroke Spy Monitor. LAN Spy Monitor is a great tool for parents to track their kids Internet usage, keep an eye on kids' online behavior and protect them from Internet threat and danger as parental control software; it also be widely used for monitoring employees' computer during work hours as employee monitoring software. LAN Spy Monitor is able to track all computers' Internet use in LAN easily; it could record websites visited history along with time, log keystroke input of email, instant message and others, monitor computer screen in real time and so on.
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Why Need Software to Track Internet Usage

1. LAN Spy Monitor is used as employee Internet tracking and monitoring software. In a company, there can't be all diligent and hard working employees, some lazy employees may spend working time on browsing websites, playing online game or stocking, it can greatly waste resource of labor and computer, thus reduce company's output and profit; what's more, if a malevolent employee stolen confidential information of company and leak it to compete company, this can be a big disaster for company. As results, employees need software like LAN Spy Monitor to track employees' Internet usage, nip dangers in the bud.

LAN Spy Monitor

2. LAN Spy Monitor works as parental control software. Internet is an attractive place, but it is a dangerous place too, especially to teenagers and kids. Teenagers are during the growth and development of mental; they are curious about everything and can be easily influenced by environment. Internet is called as a large city but has no police, that is to say there can be many illegal and bad websites and information online. Kids can touch these unhealthy things on the Internet, if parents have nothing to know about kids' online behavior, kids may down to the wrong way. However, if parents know what kids do online with Internet tracking software, parents can guide kids use computer and Internet properly, keep them safe online.

To be honest, LAN Spy Monitor is really good software to track Internet usage. First of all, it is all-in –one functional software, it can not only monitor screen, record keystroke, site visit history and network traffic, but also filter websites, terminate programs, send message, forbid running some programs and so on. Secondly, it is able to monitor all computers in your house or company if only them in the same LAN and the cost is quite low. Thirdly, it is 100 percent clean, can be co-existent with firewall and antivirus program.



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