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Spy on My Own Computer

Have you ever faced the similar situation before? You live with several other people, and you have your own desktop and laptop. Recently there have been some fishing things happening on your laptop that you let at house. No one wants to fess up on what they did. So you was wondering is there a program or something could be downloaded which you can watch what websites are being visited, what’s being typed, what they’re doing at this very moment. In fact, many people encounter the similar event more or less; under this circumstance, stealth monitoring software like Keystroke Spy Monitor to spy on your own computer is needful.
Free Trial

Keystroke Spy Monitor applies for computers with Windows operating system. Free download its free trail version or buy its full version, install it in your own desktop or laptop personally, then follow its simple but illustrative interface set some options, it starts to work. This keystroke recording program could log every keystroke input down, including instant messages, clipboard input, email written, website search input, Facebook text content input, username and password input of any accounts and so on. If you are not satisfied only with logged keystroke reports, don’t worry, Keystroke Spy Monitor is also able to take snapshots of screen which can be as frequently as every second, the captured pictures with high quality in JPG format allows you to know exactly what happened in your computer during which time, just like you were standing near your PC when others used it. If you are away from your home for a long time, and you can’t take your PC with you, then what to do? Fortunately, this hidden software has the function of delivering log reports via email to your appointed mail address at set time interval. Wherever you are, you have the ability to check your email and get to know your computer’s activity.

Keystroke Spy Monitor

With Keystroke Spy Monitor to spy on our own computers, we are able to control our kids’ online behavior if they always use our PCs. It is your best guard to protect computer when you are away, keeping track for other users’ computer activities. At last, it is clean software which has no virus or ad in it, could be installed and removed only by you.



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